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Voucher for your Experience

Voucher to print out yourself - available in group sizes or in increments of 10

With the "Experience" voucher you give away pure adventure! Whether for a colourful birthday, a Christmas party or a bachelor party - with this voucher, the presentee can choose and book an unforgettable experience according to his or her wishes. The voucher is available in different group sizes and can thus be adapted to the needs of the presentee. Whether it's just the two of you or a whole group wanting to have fun - with the "Experience" voucher, anything is possible!

Cluebox - Creative gift packaging for Escape Room fans combined with a voucher

Who doesn't love solving puzzles and finding themselves in an exciting adventure? With the Cluebox, you can have your own little Escape Room experience in your hands. With high-quality material and ingenious puzzles, this box will be an entertaining experience for everyone. The puzzles can be solved in just 60-90 minutes and the box can be given away as a gift. As a creative gift box for your voucher or as a fun activity with friends, the Cluebox is the perfect choice.

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