Award-winning Escape Room in Dresden

Are you looking for a very special Escape-Room-Experience in Dresden and the region, with revolutionary concepts and top ratings? Or do you want to give your friends a really great voucher that is guaranteed to be worth it? Then you've come to the right place. We offer you an alternative to the classic Escape Room! Our concept: No good puzzle can exist without a good story!

We immerse you in adventures with complex storytelling and interaction with our actors and actresses. You will make decisions that will affect the course of the whole story. According to our unique motto "Escape room meets theater", we take you into an exciting fictional story whose protagonists are YOU!

What makes our Escape Rooms unique?

We are two brothers whose mission is to bring the classic Escape Room to the next level. We have played many rooms and already worked behind the scenes. It quickly became clear to us that you can still get a lot out of this game - which we did! That's what makes our Escape Rooms unique adventures:

Captivating, interactive and deep storyline

At Experience Dresden you are the protagonists in an interactive film. Following the story and interacting with the characters in the room is crucial for success and distinguishes the concept from the classic escape room. As part of the story, you influence the outcome. Thus, a decision can have good or bad consequences, which you then have to live with.

Exciting and challenging puzzles

As you would expect from an Escape Room, we also have challenging puzzles. We aspire to keep each puzzle realistic so that they can be mastered with logic, creativity and solution-oriented thinking. We want our players to always ask themselves the question: "What would I do if I were truly in this situation?"

Different Endings

Clever puzzles and your decisions will influence the outcome of the story. Therefore, in our Escape Room Alternative you don't have to escape, but try to reach the best ending of the story.

High quality scenery

We have turned our ideas into reality in our rooms and now inspire numerous players in the Dresden area with our Escape Rooms, which combine exciting puzzles with captivating stories and lively acting. Our two rooms are rounded off by a high-quality and authentic scenery.


Our Rooms

Our rooms: Storytelling meets thrills

In our Escape Rooms in Dresden you will experience more than just solving puzzles - you will become the protagonists of a lively, dynamic and unique story. You become the heroes and heroines of your personal adventure.

Our team interacts with your group and adapts the course of the story to your decisions. This creates individual and unpredictable courses. You can choose from these two rooms:


Night is falling. You are tourists in Japan and have lost your way in an eerie forest - and your light is about to run out... will you manage to escape the forest? An Escape Room of the latest generation with thrill guarantee! Click here for more information.

Christmas Heist

Your team is divided into two groups: One part of the group has a secret task to do and has to get into the boss's safe. The other part belongs to the security and tries to prevent exactly that! Sounds exciting? Find out more here.

In principle, our rooms are suitable for anyone who enjoys thrills, teamwork and solving puzzles! They are very popular and in demand for group, team and social events of all kinds.

Whether with your circle of friends or colleagues - an Escape Room is always a very special event that will also bring a lot of joy and weld people together. With communication, brains and fighting spirit you master the stories as a team!

The hard facts

  • Our rooms are designed for a minimum age of 14 and a number of two to ten people
  • We offer the languages English and German
  • A game lasts approximately 90 minutes
  • We also offer vouchers, which are ideal for gift giving
  • Feel free to check out our reviews to read about the positive experiences of our players

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Student discount

You want to play an Escape Room, but the prices are holding you back? Then you should take advantage of our student discount! Every Wednesday and Thursday, students receive a discount of around 10 per cent. So you can experience the fun and thrill of an Escape Room at a low price and really let off steam with your friends. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our student discount now and experience an unforgettable day!

What you need to do!

  • Book an experience for Wednesday or Thursday and specify payment on site
  • Every student brings their student ID and ID card to the appointment and benefits from the discount
  • The reduced price can then be paid on site in cash, by card or via PayPal.

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