The ██████ Heist


The ██████ Heist

You and your team are part of a secret plan to carry out a daring break-in at a prestigious software company. The Christmas holidays provide the perfect cover for this.

As a burglar, you'll have to prove your skills to enter the building and crack the safe. Or maybe, as a security company, you prefer to do everything possible to prevent the burglary. You will have the responsibility to protect the company and your own safety.

No matter which role you choose, each team of you will have a different perspective on the same story. How will it end? No one knows, but it may turn out very differently than you think. One thing is for sure, it won't be Christmasy.

Come and find out!

Amount: 4-12 players (To split you into two teams, you must be at least 4 people)
Duration: 90 minutes
Minimum age: 14 years (We based this decision on the guidelines of the FSK)
Price: from 33 Euro per person
Language: English and German

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