Verkleideter Mann in japanischem Stil

Group size: 2-6 players
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: from 38,- Euro per person
Language: English and German


You, as tourists in Japan, follow a recommendation to visit a traditional restaurant in Osaka. A short cut through the forest should get you there faster. You confidently follow the described path. But after walking for a while, you realize that you have lost your way. It's getting later and later and you don't know how long the kerosene in your lamp will provide light. Fortunately, you see a light in the distance. Full of hope that this is the way out of the forest, you follow it. But does this path really lead you out or much deeper into the forest? What are you willing to do to escape the forest again?

Bühnenbild eines Restaurants in Osaka
Escape Room im asiatischen Stil
Japanisches Bühnenbild im Escape Room
Blumendekoration im Escape Room
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