Frequently asked questions

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Yes. The doors remain open all the time, so that in an emergency an escape is possible at any time. Furthermore, in every room there is an escape possibility less than six metres away.

In principle, there are hardly any particularly narrow places. There are always ways that claustrophobic people can avoid narrow spaces.

Game Experience10

Depending on the game, there are darker areas. However, there is always a light source and it will never stay dark throughout the entire game.

The duration of the game is 90 minutes. However, please plan for 2 hours, as there will be some time for pre and post discussion.

There is no record, as the aim is not to solve the room as quickly as possible but to enjoy the story, the room and the puzzles.

The rooms are playable for children aged 14 and over. This decision was based on the guidelines of the FSK.

No. The rooms are designed so that anyone can solve them.

Not in principle. However, we recommend comfortable clothing and shoes. Preferably, you don't put on your most expensive shoes.

We ask that you arrive on time for the agreed timeslot.

If you come too early, you might miss out on what the support group is experiencing or has experienced. That would be a pity for your playing experience.
If you come too late, we will be behind schedule and in the worst case would have to cancel the appointment.

Cell phones are allowed. However, we recommend switching them off. We ask you to refrain from recordings in order not to spoil future players.

You can decide for yourself if you want to wear a mask.
If you feel uncomfortable because there are other people from another group in the foyer, feel free to speak to us.
We will clarify this with the others and can separate you from the other group if necessary.

Yes "Huntington" is also still playable for 6 people and "The ██████ Heist" for 12 people.

Just please keep the following in mind:
We want to give you the best possible gaming experience. With too many people, individual players may not be able to participate in an optimal way, so we don't necessarily recommend it. However, we will allow it if that is what you want.

Since the above number has proven to be workable, we definitely do not allow an additional person. Please let us know when you place your order if you would like to bring another person. We charge the extra person then on site.

Prices and cancellation6

02 people: 84 EUR (42 p.P)
03 people: 120 EUR (40 p.P)
04 people: 152 EUR (38 p.P)
05 people: 190 EUR (38 p.P)
06 people: 228 EUR (38 p.P)
07 people: 245 EUR (35 p.P)
08 people: 280 EUR (35 p.P)
09 people: 297 EUR (33 p.P)
10 people: 330 EUR (33 p.P)

Wednesday and Thursday is student day with us:
on these days the individual prices for students change as follows:

Group with 02 people: 42,00 - 38,00 EUR
Group with 03 people: 40,00 - 36,00 EUR
Group with 04 people: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 05 people: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 06 people: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 07 people: 35,00 - 31,50 EUR
Group with 08 people: 35,00 - 31,50 EUR
Group with 09 people: 33,00 - 30,00 EUR
Group with 10 people: 33,00 - 30,00 EUR

You can cancel or change a booking free of charge up to 72 hours before your date. Just send us an email at kontakt@experience-dresden.com including your booking number.

If you cancel or reschedule less than 72 hours before your appointment, we will charge you a cancellation fee of 60 Euros. If you have already paid more than 60 Euros to us, you will receive a credit minus the cancellation fee to your chosen payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc.). The amount paid can be used as a voucher for another booking.

On the same day of booking, the fee is 100 per cent of the booked service. The amount paid, minus 60 Euro, can be used as a voucher for another booking.

Ja das ist möglich, allerdings musst du eine Anzahlung von 60,- Euro für unsere
Sicherheit deiner Verbindlichkeit vorab Online zahlen. (Gilt nur für Indoor Events. Outdoorevents sind ausschließlich Online zu zahlen)

Außerdem kannst du vor Ort mit ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay und PayPal bezahlen.

(Erklärung für Leute die es interessiert: Es gibt bei Escape Rooms sogenannte "No Shows". Das sind Leute die Termine buchen, Vor-Ort-Zahlung angeben und dann nicht auftauchen.
Dann haben wir ein Gamemaster vor Ort welcher bezahlt werden möchte wir aber kein Geld einnehmen weil die Gruppe nicht aufgetaucht ist. In der Regel ist das Geld nicht mehr einzutreiben. Deswegen sichern wir uns mit dieser Gebühr ab.)

Yes, this is possible, but you have to pay a deposit of 60,- Euro in advance for our
security of your commitment in advance online.

You can also pay on site with ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay and PayPal.

(Explanation for people who are interested: There are so-called "no shows" at Escape Rooms. These are people who book appointments, specify on-site payment and then don't show up. We have a gamemaster on site who wants to be paid but we don't take any money because the group didn't show up. Usually the money is not recoverable. That's why we protect ourselves with this fee.)

Ja, dass ist natürlich möglich. Ihr könnt die zusätzliche Person einfach bei uns vor Ort bezahlen.

Wichtig: Bitte überprüfe ob ihr damit die zulässige Gesamtzahl des Raumes überschreitet. Leider können wir keine Personen darüber hinaus mitspielen lassen.
Huntington = 6 Personen
The ██████ Heist = 12 Personen