How much does the fun cost?

On our price page we would like to clearly convey to you what you will get for your money. You can expect a comprehensive experience that will make your visit with us an unforgettable adventure.

Our prices cover the following:

  1. 90 minutes of playtime: you will have plenty of time to immerse yourself in the challenges of our rooms and interact with the story and solve the puzzles together with your team. The playtime will allow you to experience the story and fully engage in the adventure.
  2. Introduction to our World of Experience: Before we begin the game, we take the time to introduce you to our fascinating world. Our game leaders will explain the background story and the rules to you, so that you can best prepare for the adventure ahead.
  3. Supervision and Support: We are available throughout the game to make sure you have a great time. Even if you have questions after the game, we still have time reserved for you to answer everything.
  4. Actors: Our game masters are an integral part of the game experience as actors during the game. They will be involved in the story and help to enhance the atmosphere and increase the tension so that you will not be able to tell game from reality.
  5. High-quality backdrops: Our backdrops have been designed with great care by experienced set builders. You will be transported to another world and can see the attention to detail in every environment.

All in all, you will get a complete and exciting experience that goes far beyond solving puzzles. Our prices cover all these aspects to ensure that you will have an unforgettable time in our world of experience.

Our prices are staggered as follows:


02 People: 84 EUR (42 p.P)
03 People: 120 EUR (40 p.P)
04 People: 152 EUR (38 p.P)
05 People: 190 EUR (38 p.P)
06 People: 228 EUR (38 p.P)
07 People: 245 EUR (35 p.P)
08 People: 280 EUR (35 p.P)
09 People: 297 EUR (33 p.P)
10 People: 330 EUR (33 p.P)
11 People: 363 EUR (33 p.P)
12 People: 396 EUR (33 p.P)

Wednesday and Thursday is our student day. Just bring your student ID with you. On these days, the individual prices for students change as follows:

Group with 02 People: 42,00 - 38,00 EUR
Group with 03 People: 40,00 - 36,00 EUR
Group with 04 People: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 05 People: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 06 People: 38,00 - 34,50 EUR
Group with 07 People: 35,00 - 31,50 EUR
Group with 08 People: 35,00 - 31,50 EUR
Group with 09 People: 33,00 - 30,00 EUR
Group with 10 People: 33,00  - 30,00 EUR