There is definitely no talk about work at this Christmas Party!

Do you feel like talking more about work at your Christmas party? It's at least better than small talk, isn't it?

Your boss spends a lot of money on a meal and you feel committed to staying at least a reasonable amount of time until you can finally leave without your colleagues gossiping. Then, after you've heard the boring annual review speech and talked briefly to everyone about their hobbies and the latest gossip, you can finally slip away. And you're upset that you didn't spend the evening with your best friends with red wine and Netflix.

But in actuality, the idea of a Christmas party is to have fun. To get to know your colleagues from a different side for once and to spend a really memorable evening. For that, you need an adventure! Something that will make you completely forget the daily office routine.

When you play our games, you won't have time to talk about work. How could you? You are no longer employee XY. You are on a mission! For example, you have to break into a company. You want to get into the safe, but it has no keyhole and no code field. How do you get in? You'll probably have to figure out which means will get you to your destination first. One person is looking for clues, another person is trying to hack into the security PC. Who would want to talk about the weather?

We offer you two stories that will make you forget what your everyday life is and have you talk about it for a while. Up to 18 people can play in our games, with an average price of 36.88 euros per person.

Experience Dresden is an "immersive" Escape Room

This means that our main focus is to pull you deep into another world. Like in a classic Escape Room, you have to solve puzzles to move forward. But the whole design is oriented to make you forget where you are. We achieve this with realistic puzzles and a stunning scenery that we had built by a movie crew.

You'll feel like you're the protagonists in a thrilling movie and be amazed at how quickly 90 minutes pass. Please ask our convinced customers:

"I have visited more than 550 Escape Rooms in 17 (if I counted correctly) countries, so I won't take the time to rate them all. Only the very best and the very worst, to give players an indication of where they should and should not go.

Well, Experiene Dresden is an absolute must-go. "Christmas Heist" is stunning and literally became my favorite room in the whole world, and Huntington comes in at #2.

I know that almost sounds like an over-the-top favor review, but it's not - google my name and "Christmas Heist" and you'll find I've said the same thing to journalists. I'm not kidding.

Also, please don't be misled by the titles and seemingly "normal" backstories of the rooms. There is so much more to the Experience rooms than meets the eye - but I don't want to give away any spoilers. Come and see for yourself!"

"Escape Room with a difference. No time pressure through which you have to search the room as efficiently as possible, but a continuous story that develops. You play an important role, immerse yourself in a world and become part of it. A wonderful concept that is a lot of fun. Keep it up and we'd love to see a lot more of it. We are fans!"

"We have been to both rooms as a group of friends (about 3 months apart in time) and both times it was really very very good. The staff are so great and personable and the rooms are really nicely set up. A few of us were worried that the puzzles would be too hard and the fun would suffer because of that, but we were fortunately well supported and didn't feel too silly when we got stuck.

Both times are now fond memories that we can still sometimes discuss now.

We are now patiently waiting for new rooms."

Frequently asked questions:

Interactive for us means that you influence the story. Depending on how you decide in the game, this will affect your ending.

In total we can play 18 people at the same time

  • In the room "The ██████ Heist" a maximum of 12 people are possible.
  • In the room "Huntington" a maximum of 6 people are possible.

Pure playing time is 90 minutes, but better plan a bit more than 2 hours for pre and post meeting.

This option is available to companies as a matter of course. Write us an e-mail at: kontakt(ät) or call us at:+49 175 2081658