For people who want to be the protagonists of an exciting movie:

Forget your everyday life in one of the world's top escape rooms!


Did you know that Dresden is home to one of the top 100 escape rooms in the world?
Award-winning stories in the middle of your city - and you play the leading role!


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What makes Experience so unique?

You don't just want to be a spectator in your story, but a protagonist?

Then play our theater escape room. With puzzles, NPCs and a story that won't let you go


At Experience Dresden, you are the protagonists in an interactive movie.

But you are not alone! Characters (so-called NPCs) accompany you through the story. They can help you! Or put obstacles in your way when you try to solve puzzles.

Following the story and interacting with the characters in the room is crucial for success and distinguishes the concept from the classic escape room.

It will be a story that you will remember for a long time!

As part of the story, you influence the ending. This means that a decision can have good or bad consequences that you will have to live with.

Ready to take the wheel?

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2–6 Persons


Huntington is the flagship of Experience. This room made it into the top 100 rooms worldwide in 2022.

A lovingly designed scenery of a Japanese forest lets you disappear directly into the story.

At first, you just want to get out of the forest and seek refuge in an authentic Japanese hut.

Very quickly, however, you become caught up in an adventure that will demand a great deal of courage and cleverness from you.

The ██████ Heist

4–12 Persons


The Heist is made for larger groups. It is one of the few real "Versus" games in Germany.

We divide you into two teams that see the story from different perspectives. The burglars and the security guards.

Both teams have to deal with each other and can influence each other.

However, it's not a classic good versus evil story. Whatever you expect from this room, it will definitely turn out differently.

The man with the highest IQ in Germany says that the Heist is his absolute favorite room. Even though he has played over 500 escape rooms.

Family and friends
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Complex story with different endings

That's what makes us unique. Experienced players have assured us that no other provider offers as much story as we do. The story is captivating and profound. You will escape from your everyday life and feel like a main character.

High-quality setting

We had our scenery made by a real film crew. You'll forget you're in Dresden!

Interaction with diverse characters

Characters will approach you at various points in the story. Here you can show that you are the boss. We will adapt to how much interaction you want.

Reasonable Puzzles

Every puzzle fits into the story and is logical. You will be challenged, but never stalled. Players who can't solve our puzzles agree: One could have guessed it!

Spend time together

Whether with your colleagues, friends or family. You will experience our stories as a team. This is where we put to the test how well you can work together.

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Escape the daily grind

Enjoy the luxury of being offline! We'll do everything we can to help you forget about everyday life for 90 minutes. And if you're like all previous players, you'll come out and say "What? Is the time over already?"

Duration: 90 minutes playing time
Group sizes: 2-18 players
Location: Cottaer Straße 15
Price: between 40-33 euros per person
Cancellation: up to 72 hours in advance
  • You will be expected at the exact time you have booked.
  • The game leaders will then explain to you how the game will proceed.
  • Before the game, you will be told the starting point of the story.
  • For 90 minutes, you will move freely through the rooms of the story and find puzzles, information and other characters.
  • The tasks and missions in the story will change from time to time.
  • Until you reach the finale. This will certainly not be what you expect at the beginning.
  • After the game, you will have the opportunity to talk about what happened to you. There are often questions about the story.

    At the end, we will take a photo of you (if you wish) before you set off again.

All questions are answered. You can book your unforgettable experience here now:

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